Carole Andrews S.B.A. Fellow

Botanical Watercolour Artist

Winner of the Founder President’s Honour Award 1995

“I use heavy non-absorbent Arches paper. Each painting is carefully thought out, but the initial composition is inspired by the beauty of one particular flower’ the focal point. The rest of the picture is composed around that idea. Some berries, fruits or insects are included, but each addition complements the original concept. To achieve the necessary strength of form I use, where possible, transparent colours and gently glaze one colour over another. In doing so, my paintings become a meditation as the flowers convey the essence of the theme of that particular composition. Background washes are applied lastly by various techniques. Soft washes are created by immersing the picture in a bath, so that the paint surface in softened and loosened, then shadow and further background colours are added. For more vibrant backgrounds, colours are dropped in on a very wet surface to create many beautiful water colour characteristics.”


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